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These are some of my accounts. I plan to cross-link many videos in the video accounts, and also add many of the links here.

Feel free to connect with me on any of them. I post hot topics most days and occassionaly memes. Smiling is good.
  Yes, there are a few new YT channels that copy/paste good videos from true Patriots into new videos without dating them correctly. There are 2 way to view that - that they’re ripping off the original creators by making money on their work (while they cannot), or else it’s another way to get the legit news out to fellow Patriots and sheep. I watch them, it’s like a review of the previous few days - never hurts to hear stuff again.

I post MOST actively on Gettr (@CovertRecon). I'm back on Twitter with a new account (@CovertRecon_17) after 3 years.

(CONTACT): You know, I'm a friendly guy, but I know there are thousands of trolls and shills out there. I always block those types in social media these days, I no longer try to share truth with people who are low vibe and tap water. I post dozens of messages daily across 3-10 platforms (depending upon the importance), and so I rarely have time to go thru and read comments. Feel free to send me a direct message in MeWe, Spreely, CloutHub, Gettr, WeGo, Twitter, or Gab and I will see it.. -not a Reply to a post, as I may overlook it. I've had beautiful babes try to trick me into giving up my name, but they simply get blocked. Much Love to truthers. Be ready for Red October, and be ready for our future.  :-)

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they couldn't handle the
truth I was sharing:

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