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This page contains random rants of mine.
I added to my About page, fun reading !!

No doubt I'll need to expand it to several pages eventually since I just can't shut up. :-)
  (PREPARE): You should already be fulling stocked up on food, Rx, pet supplies, manual can opener, toilet paper, water, pews, batteries, CB radio, solar battery bank, all pet supplies, camping toilet, water purifier, electric heater, power generator with lots of fuel, cash in small bills, camping stove and fuel (and metal pan), camping lights, and flashliights, 1,000 paper plates and spoons/forks, many garbage bags, perhaps seeds and a hydroponic setup, build a rain collection system, consider solar panels, and everything else you might need - say, if you were camping on a deserted island for 3 months (winter and summer).
  (PURITY): Be careful who you follow. There are many, many shills out there pretending to be 17 followers and experts. Some claim to be in contact with the 17 team, others are smoother and lay it out for you that Trump is gone, there's no Awakening, accept [B], and so forth. They are (usually) paid to sway public opinion away from the right, and towards their comminism mind-think. Always do your own research.

Make no mistake, [DS] is in full swing.. -[B] is now conferring with Zuck (FB) to silence truth regarding vaccine side effects. He is also opening the boarders to millions without checking for CV, backrounds, terrorist affiliation, etc.

We have citizens in dire need right now and yet the CCP puppet dangling from strings is allowing the boarder to litterally get overriden again. I heard it's not only to assure more D votes, but also because it lowers work-rates, pay rates... -somehow that helps the [DS].
  (EXPAND): I added a new page called Disclosure. There is so very much going on right now, don't limit your realm of knowledge to merely politics. I've been following David Wilcock and Corey Goode for years.. -all EXTREMELY interesting stuff. I started with David's oldest videos and watched them sequentially up his most recent videos. He's a little corny in some of his early videos, but just roll with it. David will amaze you, shock you, and give you shock & awe. Some of it is very hard to believe, but we see things slowly unfolding.. -destroying the [DS], starting up the Space Force.. -everything is connected.

Who/what is our military removing from Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs) ? They are being hunted down along with child traffickers.. he also talks about disclosure and so many more things. Take a weekend and watch all his shows. You will never be the same knowing these things are going on. What was discovered in Antartica ? Literally the largest pyramids on earth, space ships thousands of years old many miles long, dead "bodies" and so much more. Open your mind. We have been lied to our entire life.

Did Hitler escape at the end of the war in a sub ? Where did he go and then build secret bases ? Did he make sick and disgusting deals with "others" allowing them to take thousands of people off planet each year in exchange for technology ? Who did Admiral Richard Byrd battle with when he brought military ships that could lauch fighter planes to Antartica ? Who won that battle ? Why was he silenced when he returned to the states ? Who built the first human base on the moon and how did we obtain the technology to get there ?  From where did we learn about night vision, stealth materials, and glass fiber to transfer information at very high speed ? Why have we send Super Soliers to Mars ? What is Solar Warden ? What is Dark Fleet ? Why were there patents legally awarded on the topics of anti-gravity and free energy ? Why does [DS] want the New Green Deal which would cost trillions of dollars, when we already have the "secret" technology of FREE, CLEAN, ENDLESS energy ?

David was on Giai for quite a while, sooo fascinating, and much of what launch. David basicly will teach you about "every" topic. Trust me. View his videos sequentially, beginning with his oldest here. Remember to overlook his odd sense of humor, he's absoltely worth the time. Corey Goode had a different path but just as fascinating.

I only follow those who I trust, those that I feel are honest and close to the true source. Over the years, I've followed and dropped many. Anyways, keep a very open mind and expand it, and always do your own research. You'll never regret learning.

And for those of you who sent in your DNA to companies like Ancestry and 23andMe, much of it is now in the hands of [DS] for their DNA manipulation experients. Google founder Sergey Brin was married to Anne Wojcicki, the founder of 23andMe, who is related to Susan Wojcicki, the CEO of YouTube.. -all [DS] tools. The military recently discovered horrific DNA-altered and cyborg types in some of their deepest, most secret labs within DUMBs...
  (SOURCES):  I gather news and information from many sources -social media, chat groups, independent news channels on various platforms, and more. For nearly 3-4 years, I have enjoyed And We Know, X22-Report, David Wilcock, Corey Goode, RedPill78, Jordan Sather, Danielle Lee (Dnajlion7), and Edge of Wonder. I also have enjoyed Black Conservative Patriot (BCP) for 2 yrs. but dropped him a few months ago. I branched out slightly 6 months ago and began also watching Monkey Werx US, On The Fringe, and Scott McKay. I watch every show of all the above channels daily to stay abreast of the purest facts and opinions, and to help my personal research of the truth. I avoid shills, negativity, and low vibrations.

On Twitter, I followed exactly 100 very key people and received terrific info on a daily basis. I didn't care about my Follower count, but I admit, I was excited to pass 1000 and maxing out at 1111 before being cancelled there for sharing too much truth. My point, is it was (nearly) 100% perfect information, received instantaneously.. -never being cluttered with low vibration posts, only those I followed. I still have that hunger for great info and have done my best to find and link to many of those same sources within this website. I created this page for myself (initially), but it made sense to share it with others as well, to access the same terrific information. Facebook similarly cancelled me for posting too much truth with over 1000 Friends.
  (CONTACT): You know, I'm a friendly guy, but I know there are thousands of trolls and shills out there. I always block those types in social media these days, I no longer try to share truth with people who are low vibe and tap water. I post dozens of messages daily across 3-8 platforms (depending upon the importance), and so I rarely have time to go thru and read comments. Feel free to send me a direct message in MeWe, Spreely, CloutHub, Gettr, WeGo, or Gab and I will see it.. -not a Reply to a post, as I may overlook it. I've had beautiful babes try to trick me into giving up my name, but they simply get blocked. Much Love to truthers. Be ready for Red October, and be ready for our future.  :-)
  (BEACON): This is something I created, the most beautiful meme in cyberspace. It utilzes both methods of cyber-camoflouge to avoid DARPA [DS] detection, as recomended by 17 and crew here and the mesh background.

I made it as a tool to lead people to this site. Please feel free to share it far and wide on social media, and I thank you. We must stay connected, and we must keep waking people up.

We also must stay connected on the other side of all this. :-)
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