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I try to post updates about things I learn daily/weekly. Of course, some is specluation, some are facts, and so forth.. -so be sure to always do your own research.

This military operation sure is tight, no leaked info, no hints, no pictures.. -we're assured to win tho !!
  (7-22-23) Hey guys, just wanted to check in. I'm still here, all good. Lots going on for sure, I know we're all ready for the arrests, Gesara, the RV, the end to child trafficking, and getting The Big Guy back in office. I'm still most active on Gettr (@CovertRecon). post to 9 social medias and finally was able to get a new Twitter account, too (@CovertRecon_17), although I have very few followers right now. My old Twitter had 1100 awesome followers but I was taken out a few years ago with all the other truthers. Gettr just reached 1200 followers and I do my best to never disappoint. I'm really not obsessed about follower-counts, as long as I'm helping and sharing important topics with fellow Patriots, and HOPEFULLY waking sheeps, I'll be happy. Anyways, I hadn't posted in a while, excited for med beds, and lots of other stuff too. I wish all these normies would wake up already. Much love. -CovertRecon
   (11-7-22) I fixed about 10 broken links on my Patriot Influencers page. Many Patriots are still getting banned from platforms, but I find their new URL's. The election is tomorrow, chance of FF, arrests, and so much more -with Nesara and med-beds not far behind. Much love. :-)

(9-24-22) Much love to all Patriots, all normies, and yes ~even to all who are still asleep. The brainwashing has been far and wide for sure. As a quick summary, this is the chatter I'm hearing: Starting today (thru Oct. 5), there is a chance of FF, more arrests, the fake alien invasion (which uses realistic holograms along with actual weaponry called Rods of God), the RV for those holding foreign cash, and yes, even NESARA in the near future. As we all know, it's stupid to say dates, but I've been hearing several dates in the last week or so. Once this is all over, humanity will have access to med-beds and society will skyrocket in the proper, love direction (no more wars, space travel, disclosure of aliens and our secret anti-grav ships that can cloak, and sooo much more.

Just be ready tho. Stock up on food and supplies for your entire family, including pets, for 1 month minimum. Many are planting gardens since food is expected to become even more scarce and expensive. What to stock up on ? -who knows, but plan as if a tornado will distroy your city, what would you need ? - Food, water, water filters, freedom seeds, CB radio or walkie talkies, cat litter, Rx, batteries, and so much more. Do it today !! I have an entire page regarding stocking up here.
   (4-16-22) More and more of this war is being shown in public - 72 key people all got Covid within a day or two, legal stuff heating up against the Big Guy and his son, [HRC] coherts loosing in court, and much more. We're all still anxious for the QFS to kick in, said to be on a hair trigger - any day now (although that's been repeated since Thanksgiving). Evidently waiting for an event to happen, some say it's when Ukraine is clean, others say it's when Austrailia or Chynuh is clean, who knows. QFS does many things, including returns every dollar you ever paid to the IRS, wipes student loans, wipes mortgagae and credit card debt, etc. - since it was all done illegally. I've heard none of the illegals will get QFS funds until they return to their home countries, we'll see. If you want a new video with a thousand redpills launched non-stop, watch this video called, "Watch the Water."
   (2-27-22) UK is packed full of DS, bio-med labs, DUMB accesses under military bases, and much more. Putin is White Hat. This video explains the Russia vs Ukraine far better than I could. Grab a drink, popcorn, and an open mind ~ then turn up the volume: (LINK)
   (2-20-22) Much love to all the truckers, it's so sad things have gotten this far. Here is interesting insight on that topic (click here). Nesara/Gesara expected to pop this week (2-21-22), but don't hold your breath, time will tell. For the first time, I heard the 6ooo hidden technologies (including bed-beds) will also be released with Nesara/Gesara -time will tell, but I know we all sure need these things. We've all been taught thru life tarot cards are satanic, although I've heard that's not true -that it's just more fake news from the cabal. It will be great when the full 777 books of the bible are released, found under the [DS] Vatican. Having said all that, consider listening to this tarot card reader -she is asked questions, then consults the universe for answers, quite interesting here (including Vatican info).
Gene Decode mentions the 2nd Earth and describes it in this video. Michael Penny went to the hospital and was not allowed to leave, so he called the police the next day and was released. Much love to all, stock up on food and supplies, and be sure to raise your vibration. :-)
  (2-7-22) I hope everyone is doing well. Much love to the truckers all around the world !!
I fixed dead links on the Patriot Influencers page - you know, the [DS] relentlessly takes down Patriots' website and channels, so I do my best to keep those links current. MarkZ has good news, but no proof yet so relax, but there's a "chance" the first stages of Nesara may hit the US on or before 2-9-22. Watch his show daily (see more info in my post from 1-30-22 below). Better stock up big time, they say it might be worse than originaly thought.. -before things get much better. Store shelves are mostly empty, do the math. :-)
   (1-30-22) For those who have not heard, CirstenW passed away just after New Years of CV. The hospital refused to give her any of the life-saving over-the-counter things we are all aware of. She had just moved to Florida, merely blocks away from Michael Jaco. They say there might not be any familiy remaining to collect her things, etc.

In addition, Doug Kuzma from Frog News Network (formerly partnered with Michael Penny), also passed away days after New Years with CV in a hospital. They say the hospital took away his phone many days before his passing and also refused to allow him to take over-the-counter things that would def saved his life (Iverm...). Speaking of support: Link

Also, back last summer during Scott McKay's USA tour, his crew was severly attacked -perhaps with a vibrational type of weapon which made most of them very, very sick. Sadly, Scott's highly patriotic father passed away from that attack.

Mike Lindell was physical beat up in an elevator about 7 months ago during his show of revealing voter fraud).

So please, keep all Patriots in your prayers. Most of the fighting is conducted underground, in the shadows, and under false pretenses. Understand that this is a true war, many thousands have already died, and yet the battle is not yet over. Also understand that these are truly things to do: become closer to God (this is literally a spiritual war), become active in local schools and also local politics (it helps to overthrow the DS stranglehold on us and saves our children), stand proud to be an American, research everything that is in the CV shots, research all the side effects which are suppressed from us, stock up on food, Rx, batteries, pet supplies, lots of pews - basicly everything you'd need to survive on an extended camping trip (more here). Grocery store shelves are already bare, let that awaken the masses.

I could go on and on.. 9/11, Titanic, Pearl Harbor, Oklahoma City Bombing, Pentagon, Jan6, and most every war were FF's,  and now they are trying to do it again with our ally Russia. Russia will take back the Ukraine from the cabal, so that's a good thing. The DS wants to scare everyone and go to war when they make biilions of dollars in profit. The business connections/payoffs have already been identified on who will get rich from another war - direct links to that part of the world to our military industrial complex, and many others.

Don't just trust me, do your own research. Lives depend on people learning the truth. Do your very best to awaken others. Some will remain sheep, let them be and move to others. I can say anything I wish in this website because I hope it will assist others in their path, and because I have a rock-solid Disclaimer page. :-)

TheOriginalMarkZ (YouTube) is a financial guru and usually does 2 live videos daily. Incredibly nice guy and also has a great resume in financials. When he puts his hat on, he is speaking directly about the most recent updates (Nesara/Gesara which seems to oriniate in the Iraq area). That makes it easy to fastforward the video to that section if needed, but he drops all kinds of info throughout. He has contacts around the world and says Nesara/Gesara is on the verge of launching (any day/week now) - which simply means we all get all the money we've ever paid the [IRS], most all business loans will be erased (mortgages, student loans, etc.), the new rainbow currency goes into effect, prices go back to the 50's-70's rates (75 cent hamburgers), we each will get a brand new bank account for our new Quantum Financial System (QFS) money and all our old accounts will be pulled into this new one. It will be opened with a huge amount of the money owed us, and at later invervals we get more of that money, including thousands from when our SS number was created then traded for money our entire lives. People with SS/disability will get around $5k monthly (purchasing power). Retired folks will also receive similar funds. Banks are already secretly preparing because the old "central banking system" is going away and many banks will become "wellness managers" (or something similar to that). Note that Nesara/Gesara are the opposite of the [DS]'s "Great Reset" agenda (although there are a few similarites).

Much love to all, both to the Patriots and also to the sheep. They are so brainwashed they don't even realize it. Speaking of this spiritual war, many are meditating more often and becoming part of the collective conscienceness of earth. This is a real thing and our progress to awakening/enlightening is being monitored. We have support that is out of this world..

I know we're all ready for med-beds, Nesara/Gesara, free energy, peace, no more wars wars (part of the Gesara contracts), flying cars, and so very much more. All this is on our horizon, but we must first get over this hump.. -a terrible hump indeed, yet is temporary. Pro Tip: I've heard from several that med-beds can reverse the 1st jab, but none beyond that (as of yet). Supposedly the rescued children from underground have first access to the beds, then wounded military, then civilians.

Sadly, the Patriot movement has been infilitrated by evil DS actors. They pretend to be 100% patriots, when in fact, 20% of their messages are false to mislead and confuse us. Do not trust any influencer no matter how famous they are. Some are devious and mislead, others are playing a role to go along with the Alliance's script in order to evade the death penalty. I've been shocked of recent top influencers slinging horrible accusations at other very top influencers. That alone tells you there is evil amoung us. So, take everything with a grain of salt, listen carefully to others, get a variety of opinions, do your own research, then make up your own mind.

The patriot movement is not a cult as the lefties try to portray us. They only know lies, deception, hate, looting, unprovoked attacks, theft, election theft, litteraly using abortions as their scrifices to their satan, and basicly anything evil you can think of. Many people and sites are paid to try to make famous Patriots look bad and outright lie to try to distract their followers. They appear in chat rooms, all social media, YT videos, and much more. Do not be distracted, you must do your own research and make up your own mind. The worse thing you can do is watch Mainstream Media (MSM) news channels (ABC, MSNBC, NBC, etc. -none of them, and even Fox is 85% bad). Tucker and Jesse Waters are good to watch, and The Five. I have many independent news channels listed within this website, watch all those, but no MSM. The truth will begin to unfold around you.

Follow me on social media. I am mostly found here: MeWe, CloutHub,Gettr, Gab, and Parler. See my social media page for more. You direct message (DM) me there if you'd like.

Stay positive, be strong, awaken others, stock up, raise your vibration, awaken your pineal gland, begin your ascension to 5D, avoid all flouride (water, toothpaste, deodorant, etc.), and strangely -you'll need a healthy body and mind to help you through all this, so take care of yourself. Much love. Namaste.
   (12-20-21) Lots going on for sure.. -today I learned [Biden] signed to extend the country's debt limit, which Supreme Justice Clarence Thomas said was "highly illegal." Hopefully the right thing will happen (soon). Simon Parkes said some good things today, although I'm uncertain if he meant in the UK or USA.. -basicly that if we go into 10 days of lockdown (2 weeks = 10 WEEKdays) before Christmas, it's the cabal's ordering it. If it begins approx. 12-27-21, that's the White Hats and so great news, it's yet another sign they're in control.

Per CirstenW this morning (or last night?), USA can expect a lot of weather warfare from the Black Hats (since they're nearly broke and beat down), and 4-5 other nations (the "5 Eyes"?) can expect lockdown. So, there's all that, and the Russia angle (who I believe are White Hats), and MarkZ checking in with us twice daily on status of Nesara/Gesara and other great opportunities. MonkeyWerx still rockin it daily..

Lots of false narratives from so-called major Patriots, be careful who you follow. Some are calling out other Patriots so be concerning. Get your info from various sources then decide for yourself. [Cabal] is getting very desperate so keep your head on a swivel for [FF]. Are you still stocked up on food, water, pews,  Rx, pet supplies, CB radio, and other items ? -We've been warned for 2 years to be ready, so there's no excuse. Shortages abound everywhere and just imagine if there was a [FF] or another [FF] tornado system destroying and killing.. -so there are lots of reasons to be prepared.

I'll be using a "quantum bed" in a few days, I hope to get some pain relief. It's not the super cool med-bed with 6000 cures, but it uses frequencies, sound, and vibration. I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas, and much love to those suffering, locked up, confined in FEMA camps, and especially much love to all the trafficked women and children. Keep everyone in your prayers, help others when you can. This is a spiritual battle and the evil is nearly cleansed from earth.
   (10-6-21) Red October - Better stock up on supplies, watch out for [FF], and keep your kids close. Lots of chatter about this, please keep your family safe. 
   (9-18-21) It's been a crazy few months for sure, all around the world. I very strongly recommend you watch and subscribe to a Patriot's YouTube titled "MAJIC EYES QNLY" - he covers absolutely incredible topics. Do not let the cartoon thumbnails sway you, it is all 100% serious and every video will blow your absolute mind. He talks fast, it's deep info, some drops, etc. - but absolutely worth the time (even to watch twice). All the videos are great af.  What happens with each progressive jab to your body and soul ?

Why do some jabbed literaly produce Bluetooth from their bodies and everywhere they go (car, iPhone, smart TV's) - attempts to connect excatly as earbuds do ? I have seen a video of a Russian hacker who discovered a database of jabbed, did a name search, and showed the person's name, address, vital signs, sleeping or not, exact GPS, address and dates of ALL jabs, the firmware data implanted in the body, and more. Tracking in REAL-TIME using AI and 5G systems. The jabbed are literaly walking transmitters. (VIDEO LINK HERE). In addition, I've seen videos of street lights containing 5G technology, so it doesn't have to be a cell tower. Lights are everywhere.

Once all arrests are 100% complete, we will receive a solid disclosure of "them" -although I'm not sure how minimal it will be. Nesara seems to be on hold for a while, although a few countries received it. Simon Parkes is moving to the US to oversee the setup and distribution of the med-beds, which are literaly next-gen quantum technology beds that heal literal 6000 issues including cancer, diabetes, re-grows limbs, repairs DNA, phcological issues, and much more. The tech originates from "elsewhere." Rumors of large rooms initially that can "heal" a few hundred people at a time, although individual sessions may be required for some issues also.

I post actively on MeWe. It is smooth, quick, and no bias. I also post to about 5 other platforms. Gab is good, the worst bias is CloutHub. Parler app is crap on my phone, difficult to even scroll. Spreely is Ok, but takes 20 seconds to open on my phone, but no bias. Gettr is Ok, but does censor the awesome Natural News website (as does CloutHub), works Ok on my phone, but is crap from my iPad.

Make sure you're stocked up big time on food, supplies, protection, Rx, pet supplies, water, generator, batteries, etc.. Buy at local stores, mom & pop shops, buy veges from the streetcorners, they need our love right now.
   (7-3-21) Lots going on everywhere. Monkey twice comm'd that Durham has been working at Gitmo, so I'm sure he's busy. Huge uptick in flights to/from Gitmo in the last week or two. There are a few other locations similar to Gitmo around the world, one is in Greenland (where HRC died of kuru). Putin is a white hat, he helpd stop and search ships when the Evergreen ship was stranded which helped our MIL a great deal. My opinion for them off Hawaii is for 2 reasons; to help take out the black hat MIL based there (near our white hat MIL), and also to help defend US soil in case the [DS] tries to launch missles or strikes against the US. Russian search planes helped search for subs off the FL coast for quite some time, helping us. Chynuh is non-stop getting hammered BIG TIME by weather and at least one of the dams is overflowing. Most large dames, even in the US, have super computers deep within (for safety) but will be taken out soon, making it look natural, but will use the Rods of God to assure destruction - similar to the Nashville, TN "bombing." Weather warfare is big business - Chynuh caused the deathly winter storm in TX 6 mo ago with [JB]'s permission($), and the [DS] is working hard to increase the drought in CA and OR. Crops will keep dying, livestock will suffer, and the [DS] will basicly say, "See, look how bad climate change is." All 100% BS, just like CV, 9/11, JFK, and so many more.  CA drained most of their water supplies a few years ago out into the ocean for NO reason.. -it was in preparation for the drought and wildfires. Last year, it was RECORDED that a DEW (laser weapon) had started many of the forrest fires in CA as well as MANY arsons also starting fires - many arrested and video taped. This is all so they can push their AGENDA on us. And remember that awfull fire that destroyed most of AU a few years ago? -also all done by arsonisits (many arrested) so the [DS] can push climate change (which is 100% fake), like CV. Don't even get me started on the shit they are now teaching to 1st graders, like trans stuff, masterbating, and tons of other things.. -WAY inappropiate unless in high school, but even then, parents should have the opportunity to opt-out their kids. And drag-queen story time with the "men" not wearing underwear, letting their shlongs be seen by elemtary kids ?! What on earth is going on around here?! They already add flouride to our water tomake us dumb, 5000% over the acceptable limits of mercury in shots to babies to make them slow, metals and dangerous things in chemtrails, adding GMO's and tons of crap into our foods, nanobots and other DNA poisons in recent shots, FF every few months by the [DS], true. Most every gun FF in the US has been a FF. Stock up on all food, water, etc. because things are about to go downhill quick. Also, rumors that a LOOKALIKE 45 might be arrested or even taken out, so don't fall for that.. -he's extremely well fortified, they say by Delta Force and also a person not from earth, to protect him from "other" dangers. Most all of the DUMB's in the US are now cleared out. MSM will be the last to fall. Rumors that Pelosi sand like a bird and flipped, being played by a lookalike -they say her neck gives it away. HRC has about 2 clones, one is 18" shorter than the real HRC was. The new Quantum Financial System (QFS) is in effect in a handful of small countries and is about to hit the US soon -some say it's already been rolling out here. Keep your head on a swivel. Follow all laws, the Constituion, protect your family and home. Many est 45 back by August 15, but all dates come and go, so no promises. The AZ audit is said to have been done a few weeks ago, but buying time for other chess pieces to move in the 5D game. Chynuh DS said to have shipping containers scattered around the US and is using that to bargain, etc. (per CirstenW). Some say the earth is currently splitting into 5D, where the high vibrational people will remain, and the low vibers will remain on the 3D earth (it's confusing to me), but even per David Wilcock, meditate and be kind to others to raise your vibration - so easy to do, yet not practiced by many. We need to keep raising our collective consciencenous as a whole (all of mankind)... -which also opens the door for more support from "others."
   (6-17-21) Nino said today the AZ National Guard has surrounded and is protecting the ballot audit. Our nazzi DS gov (DOJ?) "might" confront the NG, so things are def heating up. Entire Portland Police Riot Squad Quits En Masse, As DA Begins Criminal Investigations Into Officers' Conduct.

I heard last night on The Frog News Network that once the 3 days of darkness lifts, we will then be powered by the StarLink(?) satilite array providing us free energy and free internet. Wow. A few other countries are ahead of us as far as becoming enlightened/awakened, and have been switching over to the new Quantum Financial System (QFS). Other countries are rooting for us big time, and are furious how powerful of a grip our fake news MSM has a grip on so many of us still. Also in the last few days, many helo's and soldiers in DC. DUMB explosions in Illinois. If you live in any of the top sh!thole D-ran cities, it's been advised you literally pack your sh!t and leave. More severe "peaceful protesting" (aka riots) expected soon, once everything pops. Stock up on food and supplies.
  (6-16-21) Vimeo cancelled me without warning, just killed my account with some BS sentence about their nazzi TOS and breaking their bitch rules about telling too much truth about the fake, planned, [FF], known as the jab. I posted only a few videos there about 6 mo ago. I certainly would not recommend truthers post there. They say Rumble is very good, then either Odysee, Brighteon, or GabTV.
  (6-15-21):  Lots of things going on for sure !! They say Chynuh is getting bitchslapped by HAARP weather weapons, and has been for months. Many tornadoes, storms, floods, some even say one or two of their smaller dams may have burst. The online map companies are doing their best to block out all the damage. Also, anti-vaxxers are weaponizing Yelp to punish businesses that require proof of vax jab. There was a major dustup against CirstenW.. -something that she uses then trashes other truthers including big names (do your own researech). I started watching The Frog News Network a few weeks ago.. -extreme southern accents for sure but the 2 have good hearts and some of the best intel, often near the end of the show, but also sprinkled in randomly. One of there intel guests gave a stark warning (again, do your own research), but the warning was that if you live in one of the nastiest D-ran shithole cities, even if you own a house, you better leave, get out, move -soon. On another day, he implicated the warning  was due to future "potential" riots and so forth (cops and mayors doing nothing) in the near future (ballot counting ?? arrests ??). The 8 cities were named a few times: Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York, Chicago, Detroit, (3 more I forget), and perhaps Portland too (as the 9th city). (Mentioned in 2 videos, this is one here and if you can overlook the patriots eating ribs during the show, they confirm info on the 8 cities here). I know a caravan of over 7 million rounds were recently captured by bad guys. Keep your heads on a swivel. And stock up on food, supplies, and pews !!
  (5-6-21):  Wow, what a month, so much going on !! The foresic recount of the ballots in AZ and the Dem's freeking out about it, missing weapons and ammo that were stashed at the Whitehouse, the Evergreen ship blocking the shipping lane, more communities stepping forward to demand the end to masks in schools, more states block the gun-grabs, allowing carrying, and also blocking vaccine passports... -Coke jumping into the race game trying to cater to the woke leftist evil satanic cabal deep state lunatics, the boarder wide open letting in thousands of un-vetted illegal immagrants, FF gun crimes so they can pass restricting gun loaws, [JB] accepting $3-4 billion from Chynuh so they could try out a weather weapon against Texas causing the dealy winter storm, shoving this "jab" on us although masks still have to be worn and nothing goes back to normal while hiding all the new deaths from the job, the nanotechnology in it, causing vax'ed sheep to litterally shed poison onto non-vax'ed lions, monthly cycles changing in women, male and female becoming infertile, videos of nano-worms on the tips of brand new CV test swabs that move and literally climb into your skin and so much more going on (might possibly cause Morgellons Disease later?), and so much more. Some say disclosure is near, but especially med-beds, zer-point energy, and anti-gravity vehicles.. -but for now, our goal is to finish mopping up the DS, the traffickers, the non-humans, wipe out the last of the DUMBs, and most importantly - saving the children in captivity.
  (3-19-21) Scott had Mike Adams (Health Ranger) on his show here, I was highly impressed. Discussed how to avoid all the toxins and crap they add to our foods. More great info from Scott too.
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